Workspace of the Week - Bosch London Connectory Offices, London
Bosch London Connectory have recently worked with Oktra and Incube to design their new offices in London. A space which exhibits a fresh perspective of how industrial can meet nature in the workplace, using a 'city park' look and feel.

Global technology and services company Bosch, have recently opened their London Connectory offices in Shoreditch. A co-innovation space with a dedicated goal to develop smart mobility solutions for London.

The new park-inspired workspace was designed by Oktra, who worked alongside Incube to create a unique design using a 'city park' look to create a jouney for visitors within the new office.

Working in tandem with project design consultants and smart office providers, the unique design has been configured through several workshops. Inclube detailing the artwork and technology specifications for the space.

Bosch's new workspace is the perfect demonstration of how industrial can meet nature in the workplace. A fibre-optic ceiling installation reflects the sky at night and adds to the illusion that this is an office that is alive. The grey pathways, mimicking roads, contrast with the green elements of biophilia throughout the space.