Design Awards: Studio VDGA's Factory and Offices for Star Engineers
Designed to combat the extreme heats of Hanoi's sub-tropical climate, Star Engineers' raw, industrial factory and offices use a rustic and discreet material palette to encourage relaxation, reflection and introspection.

Finally in our look at some of the most unique and innovative constructions shortlisted in the 2019 Dezeen awards, we’ve come to Star Engineers’ raw, industrial, combined factory and offices. Two levels split the 40,000-foot space into meeting and conference space on the lower level, and an upper terrace, that’s open to the elements.

Designed to combat the extreme heats of Hanoi’s sub-tropical climate, a facade of perforated metal in varying colours prevents the need for blinds or further sun-shading and adds a visual point of interest, along with planters placed strategically along the grid. Additionally, a large concrete canopy shelters the main building of the campus, which has a number of shaded external spaces. No fewer than eight courtyards are filled with a mixture of paving, plants and large rocks, with a concrete grid above casting a changing pattern of shadows across the space throughout the day.

A background of cold concrete and textured red brick are contrasted together around the building, leaving the structure visible wherever possible. The rustic and discreet material palette aligns beauty of industrial with the site context. Being a corporate office and factory setup within the same campus (in fact adjoining each other), the use of the raw, earthy theme has allowed them to bring the two sections of the building closer together.

With today’s ‘Authenticity trend’, many architects are taking their designs back to this raw and beautiful look. In the workplace, a more authentic environment is not only relaxing, but helps to encourage reflection and introspection. It helps us to reconnect with our roots, and to ask ourselves how we can improve ourselves, and be more true to our life and our work.

There has been no use of pretentious materials in this project and the whole palette is locally sourced, fully exploiting the abundantly available resources and inspiration from the rich history of Hanoi, Vietnam.