Workspace of the Week - CUN Design Offices, Beijing
CUN Design, a Chinese architecture and interior design firm, have tested the limits of their imagination to transform an old factory building into their Beijing offices. A spectacular workspace filled with wonderful and sophisticated design features.

Since it is primarily a workspace, CUN Design have created their new offices to provide a pleasant working environment with zones for both focused and collaborative working. Where Zone A is designed for more individual working, with a sunlight-orientated design and soft lighting, Zone B offers the chance to interact and Zone C represents the company image in its entirety, delivering this spirit to visiting clients.

Zone D is named the ‘experiment area,’ where the company is in the process of investigating whether a commercial area for relaxation can maximise the efficiency and productivity of workers. Zone E is the ‘self area,’ an area for uninterrupted, undisturbed working.

The 5 metre floor height in Zone B has been taken advantage of to build a loft and create 2 extra areas, adding valuable floor space. This also facilitates communication with designers, as convenient small conference rooms and material sample areas have also been integrated into the design.

The ceiling design was crucial to the integral visionary effects of Zone B as the height of the second floor is only 2300 mm. With this in mind, a passage was dug leading up to the third floor and a mirror laid at the base. With the five metre height of the passage and the reflection in the mirror, a square space was created with a 10 metre visual extension.

On the ceiling of the conference room, a transparent pool is placed where when daylight is cast on the pool, a beam of variegated light appears in the conference room, revolutionising the small space. In addition, a staircase with panoramic mirrors connects the second and first floor, creating fascinating reflections.

Zone C embodies the true temperament of the company. A bar has been built equipped with two removable tables providing the opportunity to both organize gatherings in the bar, or to host investigative conferences with clients. Although relaxing and not completely void of business formality, CUN Design’s offices are clearly different from the typical design office’s outlook.