Workspace Of The Week - Eurofred Group Offices in Barcelona

What was once a traditional office concept is now a wellbeing-infused space to give employees of Eurofred Group a more inviting and creative place to work in Barcelona.

Manuel Torres Design focused on air and biophilia when designing the offices of Eurofred Group in Barcelona, Spain

This project’s aim was to renovate the offices of Eurofred Group. The design team reinterpreted the traditional concept of an office and created a space destined for the well-being of the worker and a sustainable and innovative structure.

One of the main keys of the design was the creation of green space inside the open space plan office. The goal was to unify the people and the working equipment with nature. The team at Manuel Torres wanted to unify technology with ecology and sustainability.

This reform consisted of four floors of 400m2 with an average of 55 workers per floor. Given the scale of the office, they wanted to create a space that would allow a flexible and collaborative workflow.

They also incorporated home automation systems in the design. Every floor has a CO2 system that controls the air quality, there’s an automatic irrigation system for all the plants in the office as well as lighting and ventilation control