Workspace Of The Week - Gensler Offices in Austin

Inspired by years of research into the employee experience and hospitality concepts, Gensler reshaped its new Austin office into a modern workplace that focuses on people-centric and multi-experiential spaces. Gensler utilized technology to honor the company’s innovative processes for design at their space in Austin, Texas.

The office is designed as a “live lab” for workplace trends. It accommodates an open office layout across two floors with multiple configurations for collaborative or private work, including three outdoor terraces. A skylight sends natural light dancing across the heart of the workplace, reducing electricity consumption and creating additional connectivity to the outdoors.

Transforming from a traditional greeting space into an impromptu environment, the reception desk additionally serves as a café or work hub at any given time.

Highlighting the firm’s expertise in digital design, a 25-foot by 14-foot digital screen welcomes you into the space displaying content such as artwork from local artisans or project presentations. The screen also functions as a platform to better visualize 3-D models or textiles at scale, providing a more robust and engaging way to create and showcase design.

The interiors are inspired by “Regional Minimalism,” giving the office a sense of warmth with materials such as raw steel, exposed concrete and terracotta. The conference rooms are enclosed in glass brick, a new twist on the standard clay building brick, which provides a crisp, clean look as well as allowing natural light to penetrate the interior.

This transformative office is a showcase of concepts that help foster flexibility, wellness and productivity, along with elements such as local materials and outdoor spaces that reflect Austin’s welcoming culture.

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