Workspace of the Week - ING Offices, Amsterdam
ING's headquarters in Amsterdam span over 400,000 square feet, successfully connecting and empowering employees of the European banking giant.

ING's interconnected and empowering headquarters in Amsterdam span over 400,000 square feet. Designed by the collaboration of HofmanDujardin and Benthem Crouwel Architects, the space provides endless possibilities for the European banking giant.

The space consists of two five storey volumes connected by a glass footbridge which ensures easy access to all levels. The offices have been designed to be welcoming and integral. In particular, the architecture focuses on transparency, connectivity and collaboration as opposed to security and power which is often the case with financial institutions.

The entire design of the building is friendly and welcoming. From the smooth, curved facades and floor, the ceiling windows outside, to the bright and airy atriums at the heart of the office which allow daylight to flood the building. The wide floor span and large open spaces are perfect for fostering an agile work environment.

HofmanDujardin designed both the full interior and the dynamic, floating platforms and staircases that criss-cross the spacious atriums at the heart of the building. The ground floors are packed with amenities such as coffee bars, the food court, event halls and informal meeting places. There's a space to suit everyone. Each place has it's own quality and atmosphere.

Each office floor is accessed from the platforms through warm textured entrance zones, each one uniquely furnished. Colourful clusters of meeting rooms in different sizes accomodate private calls and group meetings, and each level has a silent area for concentration, equipped with a reading table and private booths. Excellent acoustics throughout the building ensure a sense of well-being and make it easy to focus.

Lots of trees, plants and artwork add a further touch to the experience of the space. Everything is finished with a balanced palette of warm tones and natural materials, making the building not only just an empowering and healthy place to work, but also gives this leading bank a new face.