Workspace of the Week - Instil, Belfast
Minimalist, neutral and uncomplicated. The software company Instil explores the relationship between people and their surroundings, and what it takes to achieve a state of zen in the workplace.

Family-run company Terry Design wanted to design an office that reflected, in a physical sense, the benefit of custom design. Based in Belfast, the aesthetic was very much tailored to the idea that Instil serenely adjusts its sails in a tempestuous technological sea that continually changes. 

The carefully selected base palette adopts neutral hues such as cloud greys and succulent greens. By its very nature technology is a man-made creation, so it was imperative that aspects of the surrounding landscape were bought in to support employee wellbeing. Timber has been used for the flooring, oak for the tables, and Palisades-like zone dividers alongside flourishes of greenery.

By having an almost blank canvas, it encourages the mind to stimulate itself with ideas and creative design. The elementary space offers flexibility in its function. The breakout space is purposefully open plan so that it can be turned in to an event space or formal training area.  When Instil entertains clients, the private meetings rooms are utilised as all-day offices.

Unlike a hospital that has a purely clinical feel, Instil looks timeless rather than basic, informal rather than soulless. The biophilic touches provide a sense of comfort and atmosphere, complemented with soft furnishings and hand-made ceramics.

Unlike many of its technology-based contemporaries, it was important to ascertain that this is still a workplace. Whilst swings and foosball tables have their place in some companies, Instil demonstrates sophistication and relaxed professionalism.

Each material has been carefully selected to enhance productivity. Even the carpet has been crafted from luxury textured loop-pile, almost symbolising that Instil accepts only the highest calibre of solutions, whether that’s in its office design or in its bespoke software engineering.