Workspace of the Week -, Brno
An agile working space with a welcoming and vibrant design encouraging social interaction and collaboration... is an online travel website that allows customers to book affordable flights around the world.

They offer their customers 24-hour live support as well as a unique flight search tool and interactive map too.

The company recently moved into a brand new spacious headquarters in Brno complete with a welcoming and vibrant design.

As this company is fast paced the open plan design creates a space that employees can agile work in and engage in too.

The three main sections are the office are designed for IT, management and the call centre. Each section has its own unique area with comfortable seating and vibrant colours to lift employees spirits during the working day.

Even though they have incorporated static desks and seating for employees, the space offers them the opportunity to get away from their desks and work in a different part in the office whenever they want to.

Social interaction is important to which is why they have ensured their social spaces include informal seating and take up a large part of the workspace to encourage collaboration too.

You’ll also find relaxation rooms, plenty of meeting rooms with unconventional swing chairs, seating areas with grass elements for biophilic effect and well-being features such as a fitness centre.

We admire the dedication to include social spaces for interaction and collaboration in this office and we think it will inspire other companies in the future too.

Take a look at’s bright and spacious workspace .