Workspace of the Week - Microsoft, Israel
The global tech giant's new workspace, designed by Studio BA, has a cool welcoming design designed to introduce collaboration and social interaction.

Microsoft has yet again created a stunning space for its employees in Herzliya, Israel and it’s just as stunning as the many Microsoft offices around the world.

The global tech giant’s new workspace, designed by Studio BA is a cool and welcoming design with plenty of open space and workstations.

 In this 19,350 sqft vibrant space has been designed to introduce collaboration and ensure that all employees have ample space to work with other teams and privately too.

Employees can enjoy a range of spaces in this office including lunch and coffee space that’s perfect for social interaction, a play zone for those moments when you want to take your mind off your work and integrated digital display screens throughout the workspace perfect for showcasing work, presentations or large team meetings.

Throughout the workspace is a collection of soft seating and lounge areas to create a more relaxed working environment and to represent that not only is Microsoft used in a tech environment, it can also be used within homes and social spaces allowing people around to the world to connect and interact.

We admire the way that Microsoft have created zones within the design of the space to create multiple and unique areas all under one roof for everyone to enjoy. This is another fantastic example of a cool, sophisticated and attractive office that will retain top talent and inspire other businesses too.

Explore the stunning Microsoft workspace in Herzliya, Israel.

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