Workspace of the Week - Algotec, Israel
Inspired by human body elements such as cells' molecules and tissues, the workspace of technology health care company Algotec is bright and creative, bursting with vibrant wall art.

Technology health care company Algotec have provided a bright and creative workspace for their employees that proves that healthcare and medical offices don’t have to have a clinical look.

This workspace is bursting with vibrant wall art and plenty of breakout areas too.

The new space was designed by architecture firm setter Architects and their inspiration came from human body elements such as cells’ molecules and tissues. Throughout the space, you’ll see these elements in the form of wall art with a mixture of prints and textures that represent cell patterns, cleverly constructed wood strips replicating the layering of human tissue and light fixtures that are inspired by cells too.


All of these intricate design elements representing the medical brand and creating a unique space that visitors will be amazed by.

The workspace also includes meeting pods and plush seating encouraging employees to take the time to interact with others and hold informal or formal meetings.

With an open floor plan and a range of places to take your laptop and work, the space allows employees to be more agile and free and with so many unique places to enjoy, it’s hard not to.


We think this workspace is a great example of showing how to represent a brand's work with unique fixtures and artwork to create a stunning office that employees will be proud of.

Take a look at Algotec’s unique office in Ra’anana, Israel.

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