Workspace of The Week - BoomTown, North Carolina
A software company that combines CRM technology and consumer facing websites driving success within real estate. Their new stylishly renovated warehouse is bursting with collaborative spaces, sure to attract the best talent of the future...

This year,  software company BoomTown , relocated to their new headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina to cater for and attract new talent to their workforce.

BoomTown is a software company that offers and combines CRM Technology and consumer facing websites to help drive success within the real estate industry.

Their new 50,000 square foot renovated warehouse is bursting with collaborative seating arrangements, stylish interior details and a welcoming atmosphere that is guaranteed to attract ideal talent of the future.

In the lobby, you’ll be welcomed with comfortable seating and positive quotes scattered across the wall to uplift your spirits every time you go to work along with fun facts about the company too.


One of the most prominent areas of this workspace is the breakout area with plush seating, sound systems, games and a large plasma screen to enjoy too.

Not only is this colourful space used as a breakout space, it can also be converted into an event space or conference room as the plasma doubles up as the perfect tool for presentations too.

A large curtain can be used to close this space off from the rest of the workspace making the environment incredibly versatile.


Behind all this is a large communal kitchen with plenty of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows.

When the working day is over, employees can visit the sleek and sociable bar that’s cleverly hidden behind the kitchen walls too.


Throughout the space, there are plenty of workstations in the open office with a variety of meeting rooms to use for team projects, informal chats or more formal discussions.

This colourful and flexible workspace is the perfect place to be inspired by throughout the working week and we think employees productivity and happiness is always positive in a workspace that is unique, spacious and fun too.

Take a look at BoomTown’s versatile workspace in South Carolina .

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