Workspace of the Week - Zalando, Helsinki
A cool and relaxing space with a raw, industrial inspired look, claimed to be the coolest tech hub in Helsinki.

Zalando, the online store company, say that they have the coolest tech hub in Helsinki. Quite a bold claim, right? Well once you take a look inside you’ll understand why they can get away with saying it – because it’s true!

Zalando hired Interior Architects Fyra to design their offices and asked them to create a space that would harbour a fun and exciting atmosphere. They wanted an office that would make it easy for their employees to roll out of bed in the morning, knowing that they were spending their day in an enriching environment.

Their new offices are divided into two spaces, both offering a range of work areas to suit each individual's needs; whether you need to work as a part of a collaborative group or prefer to work independently, there’s now a space for that!

Zalando aimed to achieve a raw, industrial inspired look and wanted their colour palette to be pulled directly from the brands identifying colours. Their new open space features cool and relaxing tones and has a lot of areas dedicated to relaxed, communal seating areas. Also, one of the quirkiest features of their office is their LED swings! They said they wanted their office to be fun and exciting, and is there anything more so than a swing?! 

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