Design Individuality with the Spacestor Customizer
With the rise in design individuality, and the Spacestor Customizer, it's easier than ever to create more personalised, human-centric workspaces to bring out the very best in your people.

Customization is everywhere these days: from your trainers, to the stories that appear on your social media feed, to how your coffee’s made at Starbucks, everything can be customized for each individual and the possibilities are endless. In the words of leading Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar:

“There is a whole new economy made possible by technology; the craftsman’s economy multiplied by the web. … I believe that we are moving from the Age of Mass-Production to the Age of Mass-Individualization. And when I look at this phenomenon, I get the sense that individualization of our production is a great counterpoint to globalization and global uniformity: products and experiences are modified by the users themselves, based on their functional needs, cultural differences, and personality and style.”

The most productive organisations recognise that every employee is an individual, and to enable those individuals to do their best work, the environment needs to cater to their specific physical and wellbeing needs. Workplaces with a configurable format are the most successful as they allow employees to pick the right space to work depending on the task and how they're feeling that day.

Ultimately, employees’ preferences lead design decisions as spaces are designed to suit their behaviours and preferences. Workers need to feel an individual attachment to the workspace - that it’s their space, and is somewhere they know suits their optimum working modes. It is now broadly accepted that design needs to look past workplace form and function, to focus on the actions and attitudes of the people who will work in a space. Design Individualization is therefore a key element of workplace design.

So why have we built the customizer? Firstly, we saw a need in the marketplace for our customers to visualize and actualise the projcts they were working on. A key function of the Customizer is to reassure - that whatever is created on there, is possible.

The second reason is speed. We recognise that the design development process is getting shorter and shorter and often now it's hours rather than days in which customers are required bring together prices very quickly for a scheme. Our Customizer focuses on assisting you through this challenge, allowing you to configure something very quickly, send it to the estimating team and get a quick price on your design.

Thirdly, a more recent focus for us is to simplify the more complex elements of geometric design. Not everyone is a furniture modelling expert, often your skills focus on space planning, estimating, aesthetic design. But we see governments and other senior bodies dictating design and modelling standards, which add challenges to designers of furniture. We aim to take the fuss out of providing a perfect furniture CAD or Revit model. Users of the customizer can create a design and then instantly convert it to a customized CAD, and coming shortly - a Revit family.


Every product that we launch on the Customizer is configurable with every available option. For example with the Railway Carriage alone, it's possible to create over 300 million different design combinations! Rather than working on presets, the Spacestor Customizer builds the products you configure from the ground up - what you design here, nobody has ever designed before. So what we are enabling is design individualization.