Workspace of the Week - Atlassian, Sydney
Located in the heart of Sydney's central business district, this Australian-based tech company's offices have a primary theme of teamwork with each space being adaptable to suit each team's needs.

Aussies always seem to be so calm and chilled out, don’t they? Maybe it’s because of the all of the beaches and the sun, but maybe it’s also because they have some seriously cool office spaces…

Atlassian, the Australian-based tech company, has just opened up their new offices in Sydney and this freshly designed space is creating some serious envy across the globe!

The new space is located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district and was designed by Siren Design. The offices take up four floors of the building and can accommodate up to 400 people.

The music that you hear throughout the office is controlled by the receptionist, and because this area is the loudest part of the office, it’s now the central hub for group discussions and collaboration amongst colleagues.

The primary theme running through this space is one of teamwork, and the entire office was designed with the intention of encouraging people to work together in order to inspire new and innovate ideas. All of the work areas are adaptable and can move and alter to suit each individual team’s needs, and this idea of adapting the workspace is even encouraged by the company.

Atlassian purposely wanted their workers to mingle and interact with one another and constantly create new connections from different areas of the company. Another big part of the design was to make the space easy to navigate for workers and ensure that everyone can find their way around the new space.

Whilst everyone at Atlassian has their own desk, they are free to work from whichever area best suits their needs, and with a range of different seating areas to pick from there is quite literally a space designed for everyone.

And as if the new Atlassian offices weren’t already cool enough, in this new space workers are offered free breakfast and lunch everyday, as well as a free boutique tap and bottled beer from their own Club Tropicana bar every Friday. 

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