Workspace of the Week - Axiom Law, NYC
NYC-based law firm Axiom Law prides itself on being unique, innovative and non-traditional and their space certainly compliments this ethos!

If someone asked you to picture a law office then you’d probably imagine quite a traditional, stuffy and maybe even a boring space, wouldn’t you? Well, whilst this week’s workspace of the week might be a law office, it’s anything but boring.

NYC-based law firm Axiom Law is a company that prides itself on having a unique, innovative and non-traditional way of doing business, so they obviously have to have a space that compliments this ethos!

BHDM Design was hired to create the perfect office for Axiom, and we think you’ll agree that they definitely achieved this. They decided to retain and utilise the original architectural details of the loft and add a creative flair to the space by installing an 8-foot-long fibreglass shark over Axiom's work area in the companies iconic shade of orange.

The redesigned office is intended to encourage collaborative work and inspire 'outside-of-the-box' thinking.  The various whimsical seating areas such as the high-school bleachers and contemporary sofas are designed to accommodate both independent work and larger group meetings. Images from