Workspace of the Week - Krispy Kreme Offices, Charlotte
The same joy and comfort of Krispy Kreme's signature product was incorporated and showcased in the design of their new dynamic workplace in Charlotte.

The global hospitality brand needed a workspace that reflected the joy of its signature product. OKW Architects harnessed the power of nostalgia and comfort to envision a space that embodied what it meant to bite into a classic Krispy Kreme Original Glazed.

Working in tandem with these design elements are the space’s programming and layout. From the moment employees and guests open its doors, the office greets them with a dramatic Welcome center. This space is adjacent to the Research & Development laboratory, affectionately known as the Kitchen, where visitors can watch taste bud magicians perform. A viewing window connects it to the Tasting Room, where anyone can indulge their sweet tooth in a casual environment that also provides quiet seating for heads-down work.

They harnessed the inherent charms of the historic warehouse that ownership had chosen to house their new office, building distinct neighborhoods and entire structures that captured the Krispy Kreme essence. These structures include the “box” in the Tasting Room, which is meant to reflect a pristine, life-size box of doughnuts, with the light fixtures that grace its walls evoking the brand’s nostalgic polka-dot patterns. Everything evokes this joyful nostalgia, from the over-scaled pendant light fixtures to the phone booth signage, which was inspired by Krispy Kreme’s recognizable “hot lights” that notify passersby of fresh doughnuts. They even embedded a classic Krispy Kreme truck into the wall, literally bringing a slice of history and whimsy into the space.

With room for up to 120 employees, feedback from the client demonstrates that the office is working remarkably well, with new faces enjoying the fresh, contemporary office.