Workspace of The Week - Pret A Manger, London
Pret's creative team focused on creating an environment with "a sense of collaboration, informality and history", and they certainly achieved it! The more dynamic and agile space is having a positive impact on employees.

Organic coffee and natural food company Pret A Manger moved from their old office based in the corner of Victoria Station last year into a vibrant and open plan workspace just a couple of minutes away.

In honor of the first Pret A Manger shop that opened 30 years ago, they named their new office 75B as it was located at 75B, Victoria street. You’ll find the plaque proudly positioned in the workspace surrounded by unique furniture, and light wood finishes decorating the space too. Pret’s creative team spent a lot of time designing the new space focusing on creating an environment with “ a sense of collaboration, informality, and history”.

When visiting this workspace you’ll notice how there are no individual offices and the CEO even sits amongst the customer service and social media teams. The workspace also includes a time line of Pret’s history carved into the wood around the atrium. There are meeting rooms that are inspired by each city that Pret resides in, a sociable seating area decorated with comfortable cushions that employees can also work on and inspiring facts printed on the wooden furniture promoting Pret’s accomplishments.

Since the move to their brand new workspace, the company have noticed how employees are more sociable and livelier – removing enclosed meeting rooms and offices, creating a more dynamic and agile space. “Our shop managers tell me it makes them proud to work for Pret and I make a point of ensuring they know that 75B is for their use too. Our receptionists tell me that people coming in and out are livelier and more sociable. And the teams working here seem keen to show off the new office to visitors.” Clive Schlee, Pret CEO.

As Pret A Manger are keen to invite visitors to their space, and proudly show off their new and inspiring environment we think that it will encourage more people to introduce collaboration into their workspaces after the positive impact it has had on employees. Take a look at Pret A Manger’s new workspace in London.

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