Workspace of the Week - Sky, London

For this week’s workspace of the week were taking a look at Sky ’s new open plan headquarters in West London.

As Europe’s leading entertainment company providing streaming, internet, and television services for over 21 million customers, it's only right that their workspace provides enough space to work with a variety of different departments and work in collaborative areas too.

With so many employees to retain, Sky has introduced a range of areas that cater to the needs of corporate and creative staff amongst the large mezzanine floors. This new large three-story building houses over 3,500 employees with a spacious design and wood finishes throughout with levels filled with informal seating arrangements - encouraging staff from all departments to interact and collaborate.

The headquarters also includes huge television screens proudly displaying the brand and work, wide staircases towards the central atrium for informal meeting points and plenty of greenery throughout the building bringing the outdoors in. You won't find any unnatural lighting within this building as a grid of skylights provide a large amount of natural light throughout the workspace too.

Sky’s open plan office allows staff roam freely without feeling the need to consistently work at their designated desks – breaking the traditional office setting and creating a more dynamic environment. Not only is the workspace inspiring and beautifully designed, we love how a large company have encouraged their staff to interact more by providing a creative environment to retain their talent and attract the next generations to come.

Take a look at Sky’s new headquarters in London.

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