Watch Episode 21: There is No New Normal
Watch below as Francis Aquino, Andie Moeder and Assal Yavari discuss 'There is No New Normal'

On Thursday March 4th we were joined by Francis Aquino ex-Honey, Uber & Headspace, Assal Yavari, Okta Inc and Andie Moeder, Jacobs for our 21st panel debate with the title 'There is No New Normal'.

Possibly one of the most used phrases over the last year: ‘new normal’.  But will there be ONE new normal for workplaces?  We don’t think so.  With millions of people all around the globe affected, new best practises will vary across roles, organisations & industries resulting in various models of hybrid – this is no place for one size fits all.  Recent news has highlighted some companies transitioning to a permanent ‘work from anywhere’ solution, but in such a state of flux, only time will tell how successful these strategies will be. 

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Watch below!

Assal Yavari- Senior Director of Global Workplace, Okta Inc
Andie Moeder- Director of Workplace Strategy, Jacobs
Francis Aquino- Workplace Leader, Ex-Honey, Headspace & Uber