Workspace of the Week - Skype Headquarters

This week we’re inspired by video and voice chat application providers, Skype’s collaborative and inspiring workspace in the heart of Silicon Valley. Skype's headquarters have been designed to promote creativity and interaction with the range of open sociable spaces which enhances a collaborative work ethic. Their aim was to create an office that would attract employees, create a relaxed work environment and stand out from their competitor’s office spaces in Palo Alto. The architects of the workspace, Design Blitz spent time researching into Skype’s culture to understand their workspace needs for their employees and introducing ‘agile thinking’, the effect the environment can have on employees thought process. From this Blitz designed three distinctive booths with a variation of colours to provoke different thoughts. A light and vibrant coloured booth to promote active thoughts, a booth with muted colour tones for meditative minds and a dark cave style room designed for introspective thoughts. This stunning workspace also is home to modern equipment, special lounges created to encourage interaction and entertainment, mobile whiteboards that can be moved to various places within the office space promoting an agile working environment and a mixture of open spaces in the centre of the building designed encourage employees to meet in the middle away from their office desks and into a creative space to share new ideas. We love how Skype introduced collaboration, contemplation and concentration spaces to this work environment to cater for a wide range of personalities and breaking office hierarchy with a vibrant open floor plan. Take a look at the innovative Skype Palo Alto HQ workspace . *Photo taken from