Workspace Of The Week - Twitter Offices, Singapore

In a global push to make their offices more agile, Twitter has modelled their Singapore location to accommodate the social networking giant's new shift towards hybrid-enabled working.

Woods Bagot was tasked with creating a hybrid and dynamic space for the Twitter offices located in Singapore

This project exemplifies an ambitious pilot study towards agile working for Twitter globally. The design inspiration draws directly from Twitter’s vision and new playbook that defines a shift towards hybrid enabled work environments.

Celebrating the big idea of “Reunion” where Tweeps gather to reminisce, share and create new memories, the design is inspired by Singaporean urban typologies as well as drawing upon the heritage of everyday objects and artifacts found in the city.

The three main work zones of social, collaborative and focus are based on the ubiquitous hawker market (food hall), the spaces of urban gathering and the hideaways of the city respectively.

Urban gathering spaces were inspired by the indoor/outdoor transition spaces of the traditional Singaporean shop houses, spaces that have traditionally been used for informal trade and socializing. The HDB void decks (government housing development social/recreational areas) are referenced in the social lounge as a space for gathering and recreation, the round form of the tables reference those of the traditional void deck table and chairs.

The focus areas of the project draw upon the city hideaways, the parks, the alleyways, the nooks and pavilions. The archway of the niches of the library space draw reference to architectural archways found throughout the city. The metal screens are synonymous with Singapore traditional residences.

A variety of spaces dedicated to different modes of working are incorporated, including campfire meeting, open collaboration, private phone booths, quiet work spaces, breakout areas, and bookable meeting rooms with video conferencing technology for hybrid meetings. This enables the behavioural shifts toward collaborating through physical and digital platforms.

A number of audio-visual and technology enabled open collaboration settings provide immersive meeting experiences that create equity of experience for Tweeps in both the physical and virtual domain.

Twitter’s new home is an inclusive and diverse place, where hybrid enabled spaces provide tweeps with the opportunity to enjoy immersive meeting spaces that strengthen collaboration & sense of belonging across both physical and virtual realm.