Workspace of the Week - Unilever Offices, Istanbul
Yalın Tan + Partners designed a modern and thoughtful design, incorporating inclusive and sustainable elements to create a future-oriented workspace.

Yalın Tan + Partners designed the expansive Unilever offices with modern and thoughtful design elements for a future-oriented workspace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Modern workplaces are the future of work, and the Unilever office in Istanbul is one such example. This cutting-edge office, which spans six floors and about 15,000 square meters, was created to support hybrid work systems and meet the needs of workers who value a flexible work environment. As the pandemic forced workers to work from home, Unilever adopted a post-pandemic strategy and completely redesigned the office to provide a space that goes beyond the comforts of home, creating a welcoming, cosy atmosphere.

Our overall design strategy included inclusive design as a crucial element. We wanted to make sure that everyone in the office felt accepted and supported. Employing inclusive design principles promotes diversity at work. We also incorporated Private pods, phone booths, and segregated quiet zones to keep noise levels down and attention levels high for workers who become stressed out due to their inability to focus in the commotion around them.

At Unilever Istanbul office, we take our commitment to our employees’ well-being seriously. That’s why we offer a holistic workplace that provides not only a comfortable work environment but also spaces for relaxation and personal reflection. From dedicated massage rooms and yoga areas to prayer room, our Wellbeing rooms are designed to promote physical and mental wellness, allowing our employees to be their best selves.

At the Unilever Istanbul Office, the biophilic design was implemented to ensure a sustainable design strategy. Sustainability is at the heart of design, and to support that, a lot of natural materials and vegetation have been used. The idea of “flowing with nature” was continued by creating green spaces and natural light. This makes the workplace more relaxing and conducive to productivity.

With the help of lighting automation technologies, employees will be more productive and experience less stress throughout the day. Each level has alternate workplaces and bookable meeting spaces that encourage flexibility and collaboration and give staff members the choice to work in a setting that best matches their needs. The concept also included major monumental feature points and digital experiences throughout the space for user experiences.

Our focus on people’s needs, coupled with our inclusive and sustainable design approach, has created an office environment that is not just an exceptional place to work, but also a space that fosters a sense of community and belonging. In conclusion, we designed a “home from work” environment that provides our staff with all the amenities and support they need to succeed on both a professional and personal level. Our intention was to establish a work atmosphere where each person felt appreciated, respected, and capable of thriving.