Finding a Quiet Space in a Loud Workplace

There’s no denying the workplace can be loud. With a trend towards open-plan layouts, hot-desking and collaboration, the modern office is a buzzing hive of activity with constant comings and goings. Great for those who thrive on hustle and bustle, but what about those who don’t? This is one of the points raised by Susan Cain, self-celebrated introvert and award-winning author of ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’. In it (and her 2012 TED talk you can catch here ) she argues that within both the world and the workplace we need to be more mindful towards the introverts who make up between 30-50% of the population and favour a much lower level of stimulation – both social and physical – than their extrovert counterparts. ‘A one-size-fits-all environment really doesn’t work,’ she says. ‘We need to be figuring out ways where people can pick and choose their environments, and then be at their best.’ And this can be as easy as giving staff a quiet, comfortable space to go to where they can gather their thoughts. Cain pinpointed some core principles a quiet space should have. These include the permission and freedom to work alone, the ability to control some elements of the space (like lighting, for example) and to have a feeling of psychological safety. According to a 2015 survey of over 39,000 workers, it was found a huge 95% said they needed a quiet, private area in the workplace, yet 41% had none. At Spacestor, we understand the need for breathing space in a busy office, which is why some of our favourite designs can provide the perfect place for staff (both introverted and extroverted!) to go and let their ideas run free. By far our most popular workpod is the Railway Carriage . A self-contained space with soft seating, ambient lighting, power points and full connectivity, it offers a cosy and intimate place for reflective thought. Perfect for solitary thinkers or small, focused groups, you can even add the option of a touch-screen booking system to ensure absolutely no interruptions. For something a little more open, but informal and comfortable, our SnuggleStor is a great place for staff to perch and grab a quick minute or two, while still being receptive to that serendipitous office moment where two great ideas meet. To really make the most of your available work area, Huddlespace incorporates a private and comfortable workplace with the addition of plenty of storage. Our unique modular system ensures it will be the perfect fit, whatever your requirements or constraints. As always, any of our designs can be tailored to your needs with a huge choice of finishes, fabrics and bespoke options. Creating a quiet space in your office isn’t about ensuring everyone can isolate themselves, but about empowering your staff – offering a range of environments for them to choose what’s most comfortable for them. It’s about giving them the freedom to breathe, and providing a space for that little seed to grow, without interruption. To chat to us about finding a quiet space in your office, click here to get in touch today.

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