Aeonica Wins Prestigious FX Award 2023!

We are very excited to announce that Aeonica, Spacestor’s architecturally inspired kit of parts for the designer was winner of the FX Awards 2023, under the category, Public, Leisure or Office Furniture!

The FX Awards brings together the best in international interior and product design, showcasing and highlighting innovations and achievements in a wide range of categories within the design industry. Honouring architectural excellence and out of the box thinking, the awards event was held on the 29 November 2023 at the Grosvenor Hotel in London with winners receiving a well-respected, notable accolade as credit to the teams behind each product or project.

Aeonica, was created by our in-house research and development team working together with Gensler as Product Design Consultants. Born out of the desire for softer, organic, more classical shapes in the commercial setting, we set out to design something complete different. A product which has no equal in the market and brings to the workplace a landscaping, configurable tool to create endless space settings. Deceptively simple in concept – using just 5 classic geometric building blocks, each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility, to allow the creation of a vast choice of landscapers and space-makers – from private Cloisters to spacious Pantheons in almost unlimited combinations!

In early 2023, Aeonica received Interior Design’s Best of Year Award and was a finalist in the Mix Awards. We are thrilled that the product is also a winner for the FX awards 2023, demonstrating the global appeal of Aeonica as an innovative, inspirational, and enlightening concept for the workplace.

Thank you to the FX Awards team for a wonderful evening, spotlighting invigorating break throughs and steps forward in the interior industry and providing a platform for networking, progress, and celebration!