CDW23 - A Vibrant Celebration Which Pushed Design Boundaries
A testament to the power of design to shape our workplaces and impact the quality of employee experience.

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 was a vibrant celebration of design and innovation, taking place in the heart of London's design district. Bringing together a diverse range of exhibitions, installations, and insights, the festival showcased the brightest and most innovative ideas in today’s world of design.

From materials and installations to fixtures and furniture, what was shown at Clerkenwell Design Week offered a captivating display of authentic creativity. With designers and artists from various disciplines presenting their work, pushing boundaries, and sparking inspiration, along with industry leaders gathering feedback from their latest concepts. The event was a visual feast, with each exhibition offering a unique perspective and narrative, contributing to the design domain.

Beyond the exhibitions, Clerkenwell Design Week offers a platform for knowledge-sharing and networking. Design talks, workshops, and panel discussions provide opportunities for industry experts to share insights and trends. Visitors can engage with thought leaders, expanding their understanding of design principles and emerging ideas. The event is set amidst Clerkenwell's charming streets and historic venues, rendering the district's unique character an integral part of the experience, as attendees explore its hidden courtyards and architectural gems. 

This year’s exhibition in Old Sessions House featured brands such as Chelsom, Dyson, and Plant Design. Set in the beautiful grade II listed building rich with Georgian décor, magnificent furnishings, and intriguing artwork, the destination was not-to-be-missed! ‘Light’ the lighting exhibition was another standout space of inspiration. Located within the House of Detention, the former Victorian prison served as the perfect backdrop for a collection of striking installations. 

At Spacestor, Clerkenwell Design Week saw the opening of their new flagship London Design Centre. Born out of the necessity for workspaces to be fun and engaging, we presented the New Landscape for Work – a destination space that people want to commute to be in. Encouraging a dynamic and interactive environment, we were able to capture the essence of what employees are demanding from their workplaces today and project that into a reality that is tech integrated and flexible enough to be adapted as these needs and demands change going into the future. 

Designed by world-renowned architectural firm, Gensler, the space is highly conceptual with a strong vision behind each design choice. The playful, experience-led result means that Spacestor’s London Design Centre is more than just a showroom, it is the New Landscape for Work. If you would like a tour, please reach out here and we’d be excited to show you around!

Hosting two live panel discussions, we explored conversations around designing for long-term sustainability and designing empathetically with industry thought leaders including Phillippe Paré, MD Gensler France, Clare Bacchus, Workplace Lead at Barclays, and Jack Pringle, MD at Studio Pringle. Watch the panels here to learn more!

As we reflect on Clerkenwell Design Week, the event leaves a lasting impression, inspiring exhibitors, and attendees to think differently and approach design with renewed enthusiasm. It is a testament to the power of design to shape our workplaces and impact the quality of employee experience.