Collaborative Spaces Will Increase by 33% in the Next 4 Years

Every week, we’re inspired. Every week, we’re inspired by many collaborative workspaces from around the world. The large creative and tech companies behind the workspaces have made an impact in the way offices are designed today. As more workspaces are adapting to the new generation of employees who seek more social and collaborative environments, it’s important to understand which products and furniture could make a difference and encourage these employees to work productively and enjoy the surroundings they work in. So what’s changing? In 2020, collaborative workspaces will be incredibly popular and will open up the opportunity to work with a variety of people within the workplace with the use of new technology that introduces a flexible lifestyle. Mobile technology will allow employees to work on the move and seek new areas away from the desk.

Collaborative spaces will become more popular as well as instant messaging and web conferencing in the workplace. The rise of technology-based working is evident and with the rise of collaboration, it’s important for companies to understand that these key changes are going to have an impact on the employees they attract. In a recent study by Cisco about the rise of the collaborative workspace environment, organisations are having to adapt to the generation who not only use fixed desktop computers and laptops but also smartphones and iPads. So a space to foster creativity as well as encourage collaboration is becoming more recognised and needed.

With the rise in mobile technology and free roaming gadgets, new employee generations will seek spaces that are vibrant, comfortable and inspiring to maximise productivity. Adding a range of fun and cool furniture and creating collaborative spaces can boost and inspire employees to work away from their desks and among others too - engineering serendipity and increasing the amount of chance meetings which fosters a creative culture. So how can you improve your workspace environment and create collaborative areas for your employees? Our extensive new range of soft seating products support a variety collaborative spaces and can be customised to ensure it fits in with the theme and dynamics of your workspace. Designed by award winning international furniture designer, Paul Brooks, the Soft box is a great modular collection that allows you to arrange each piece and create a larger seating area with the use of the precise corners.  This range is perfect for creating space that encourages collaboration and a relaxed environment.  Also designed by Paul Brooks is our Nu chair range,  with its unique optional hood attachment creating a private and quiet place to work away from your desk while utilising the smaller spaces of the workspace without being obtrusive. The innovative Hover sofa is perfect for minimalist style interiors with its simple design on a light frame. This chair comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colours and upholstery to ensure you are able to add your own personal touch and for it to fit in perfectly with your workspace design. And if your looking for a discreet space for collaborative and personal meetings with a simple change of position, the Wyspa range is an exceptional design offering just this.  The raised back allows you to create private areas in the workspace while still feeling inspired by the vibrant colours and modern design of the seats. Check out our full seating range here .  If you'd like to find out more about our brand new collection of innovative seating for your workspace, just click here to get in touch.