Is Your Workspace Ready For Generation Z?

The rise of the internet and the way in which individuals learn, deliver work and consume media has completely changed the dynamic of the modern workspace. Whilst keeping the workforce content and motivated has always been a priority for businesses, today’s climate provides somewhat more of a challenge. Just as businesses have begun mastering the ‘millennial’ employee, Generation Z are beginning to make their presence felt. So who are Generation Z, what challenges are they creating for the working environment and, most importantly, how do we harness their talent? Meet Generation Z Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, was born between the mid 1990’s and the early 2000s. Members of Generation Z have known the internet their entire lives and have grown up socializing over social media. Whilst this represents some challenges for the traditional office space, these traits make Generation Z excellent employees who are incredibly comfortable with technology and learn new skills efficiently. What Generation Z looks for in an office Generation Z has high expectations of the work place. The internet and social media is full of images of the world’s most innovative workspaces and the increasing social pressure of landing an amazing job means making the right impression with Generation Zers is crucial. This was one of the motivators for the design and creation of the Zee Bench Desk , engineered for the aesthetic appeal needed for employee hiring, retention and engagement. It combines efficiency and durability with unique, cutting-edge design and a splash of vibrancy needed to make an office atmosphere that bit more appealing. The ‘gig economy’ is increasingly prevalent amongst Generation Z. This describes short-term contract employment, freelancing and project-based collaboration with individuals or a team. The best modern office spaces provide ample opportunity for agile working, something incredibly appealing to the latest generation of employees. The Railway Carriage is a high quality meeting and work space for small teams or individuals, designed to encouraging creative collaboration and provide a relaxed approach to meetings, which in turn maximises productivity and attracts the best talent Generation Z has to offer. Personal storage A feature often overlooked, yet something of high priority to the modern workforce, is storage. As space per employee shrinks, more emphasis is being placed upon efficient storage solutions that are more personal and localised. Our HotLocker Agile is a highly customisable locker system, which can be controlled by card, app or biometrics, which enables personal storage access over multiple locations, buildings or even countries. This is precisely the kind of innovative storage solution appealing to the agile, modern day workforce. The ever-changing work environment is a great challenge and one that we at Spacestor relish. Our team of workspace concept advisors are constantly analysing the desires of each generation and segment of the workforce and it is testament to them that they have created such innovative and effective solutions. If any of the pieces highlighted would work well in your office or you’re curious about what our design experts can do for you – put us to the test. We’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.