Law Firms Focusing on Workspace Design

As key innovators of workspace furniture and design, we have created furniture for a number of large workspace trendsetting companies in the UK and US. During these changes in trends, we have noticed an increase in legal services who are researching into a workspace strategy to attract top talent for their firms and keep their current talent too. The Lawyer’s UK 200: Workspace Trends 2016 Report explains how a number of UK legal firms have noticed the appeal of creative and inspirational workspace environments and have moved or redesigned their spaces to attract the next generation of business professionals and lawyers.

Along with a complete overhaul of workspace design in the legal sector, many firms have also reduced the amount of space they have in their office to reduce the costs and improve the overall efficiency within the environment that their talent work in. Law firm DWF LLP recently reduced their workspace in London from 52,000 sq. ft. to 43,000 sq. ft. to improve efficiency and the overall office environment. Since reducing the size of the spaces that DWF currently own, director of facilities at DWF, Karl Warmbold has noticed the increase in efficiency and claims that the “flexibility built into both offices" seating arrangements, particularly in relation to specific teams, had resulted in increased efficiency” While changing the design and size of the workspace can increase efficiency, the selection of furniture can also have a positive impact on employee’s productivity in the workspace while being able to flexibly utilize the space and futureproof the office for the next generation.

How can workspace furniture improve the flexibility of a decreasing workspace?
The reduced workspace size of these companies means that more firms are now seeking the right workspace furniture to utilise the new spaces they have while attracting the top talent of the future. Our recent collaborations and projects with a variety of UK law firms including TLT Solicitors and Irwin Mitchell have made us aware of the increase of firms seeking more dynamic and efficient office environments. They have asked us to provide flexible and innovative products that utilise their new reduced space while attracting the talent and increase productivity and efficiency too.

Products such as our Railway Carriages provide informal meeting points, focus areas and a place for employees to work away from their desks. This product is a great alternative for teams within the firms to work together rather than take up large meeting rooms. Our Zee Bench Desk is another flexible product that encourages collaboration while providing a place for all members of staff to use daily in a busy working environment. Our modern and efficient storage solutions can seamlessly fit into workspace walls to increase the amount of storage for staff while using a minimal amount of space. They are also a great way of breaking up workspaces to create collaborative seating arrangements for business teams and meetings too. If you’re looking for workspace furniture to attract the next generation of talent for your workspace, we’d love to collaborate with you. Click here to get in touch.