Our New Glasgow Showspace!
Where innovation, design, and social impact converge to inspire a brighter future

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our brand-new Spacestor Showspace in the vibrant city of Glasgow! Collaborating with Impact Arts, a charity that tackles inequality through creative engagement, improving life chances, fostering creativity, and fighting loneliness, we’ve used our architectural space defining furniture to enhance their Boardwalk space as a way of embodying Spacestor’s personality whilst reflecting the charity’s bright and empowering effect on the community. Together, we are creating a space where innovation, design, and social impact converge to inspire a brighter future.

Opening on 15th June, the new space presents The New Landscape for Work. Bringing together an inter-compatible and highly customizable kit of parts that work together as a system of micro-architecture, allowing designers to use modular furniture to create spaces within spaces. As change becomes the new normal and the traditional method of office space-making isn’t flexible enough, we see the need for furniture to become a space-defining element as an alternative to building walls. 

Private tours can be booked for Thursdays 15th, 22nd and 29th June with elevenses, lunch or afternoon coffee for you and your team! 

Where: The Boardwalk, 105 Brunswick Street, Glasgow, G1 1TF

Joan Wright - [email protected]
Phil Edwards - [email protected]

More and more we are finding that architects and designers are looking for compatible, joined-up pieces which work in harmony, and this is why we have curated each of our products to be highly customizable, offer huge design choices, and the ability to join up with each other. 

Come and visit us in Glasgow - You’re invited to come and discover this new way of thinking about the workplace! Register here and we’ll be in touch. 

A masterpiece in workplace design showing the most revolutionary ideas in the industry today, as well as a powerful platform to leverage the power of design and promote well-being, and productivity as part of our social responsibility, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish, collaboration can thrive, and positive change can take root.