The Capital of California Sacramento Tops The List For Employee Engagement at 73.9%

Topping the 2016 list of top cities for employee engagement is Sacramento, the capital of California, triumphing with an average engagement rate of 73.9%. Greater Sacramento is the gateway to Silicon Valley, which is home to leading tech companies who are changing the world, setting the trends and attracting top talent. The success of a company relies upon the success of the individual. Employees are the driving force behind growth and revenue; so keeping them happy in order to increase their productivity is of the utmost importance. To create this culture of success, a company must first build a culture of engagement. To put it simply, employees must feel valued; they must be enthusiastic about going into work in the morning, knowing they are working in a positive environment, which will then produce positive outcomes for the company. Employee engagement is about drawing out a deeper commitment from employees so fewer leave, sick absence reduces, conflicts and grievances go down and thus, productivity increases. Engagement Leaders These great world-leading companies build and sustain a culture of engagement, led by CEO’s who understand that employee engagement is not just ‘nice to have’ but critical to achieving business results. It is this social and environmental culture that means that Google have over 2 million job applicants per year. However, an engaging atmosphere is not just found within the leading businesses of Silicon Valley or Mayfair. It has been found that a high employee engagement rate occurs mostly in smaller, entrepreneurial companies, who pride themselves of creating welcoming, happy working environments, leading to their employees succeeding. When a company values its employees and sees them as assets – and treats them as such – they are more likely to create an engaging, comfortable environment. This enables the company itself to grow, and become an industry, or world, leading company in its field. But how is this culture of engagement created, and how is it sustained in order to grow a business? Creating the culture Society often looks to world-leading companies as a source of inspiration, so it is no surprise that the most successful companies are leaders in creating engaging environments. World-leading companies build – and sustain – engagement, because they understand that employee engagement is crucial in achieving success, and not only hitting but also surpassing their company targets. Companies such as LinkedIn and Google have created workspaces people enjoy spending time in, placing emphasis on innovation as opposed to mundane looking spaces, which limit freedom and thus place a cap on creativity. Transforming the environment To create an engaging environment, the company must ensure their employees feel at ease at work, operating in a natural environment. We aid these companies in transforming their workspace into comfortable, yet productive, working environments where employees feel happy, which in turn creates a more dynamic and engaged workforce. Our modular Railway Carriage meeting pod , for example, offers a workspace where comfort is emphasised, yet productivity does not waver due to the technological add-ons like Bluetooth speakers and an integrated screen. It places importance on collaboration: not just between people, but collaboration between freedom and productivity too. Combining comfort with technology promotes an engaging environment, but offering employees further freedom helps even more. Office work is not simply sitting at a desk, and offering employees a variety of spaces further curates this engaging environment. Our HotLocker offers lockers that can be customised to the individual’s needs, using a programmable key card to access them. It allows employees to have a variety of their own different spaces at work, bringing comforts straight from home, right into their office space. To find out how Spacestor have helped to build a culture of engagement for global companies and could do so for your workspace, click here to get in touch!