Trend Forecast: The Serene Sanctuary
In a bid to escape tech overload, providing a serene environment will leave our people relaxed and calm, unleashing creativity and boosting productivity.

The Latest Trend

Lately we’ve noticed a new design trend that’s growing, yet hasn’t been discussed much within the industry: making the workplace into a sanctuary. In order to protect against burnout and an overload of technology, some office interiors are becoming more like a serene sanctuary. The focus is on a natural aesthetic and simplicity, rather than unnecessary complexity. It’s about coming to work and stepping into a relaxing, distraction-free environment – a perfect space in which to begin your journey and build upon it.

Natural environments provide a retreat from the many stresses of everyday life. A lot of us are turning our homes into sanctuaries, for exactly the same reasons that many of us are trying to use our phones less, and to take time to practice meditation and mindfulness every so often. Now we want the same from our workplaces.

The Designer's Perspective

One of the designers we’re currently working with at Spacestor explains what inspires the serene sanctuary aesthetic, and also what it looks like: “Inspiration is taken from nature. With the current challenges in the social and political sphere we return to nature to simplify and ground ourselves. By introducing soft, warm tones and simple organic forms we further build upon the concept of health and wellbeing. We provide a serene surrounding to centre ourselves and this is a perfect cleanser from the outside world, allowing us a fresh start to cleanse our minds and be present in the moment.”

As you can see, this is a very holistic approach to workplace design.

How We've Arrived Here

For us, the workplace-as-sanctuary is the natural development of a couple other trends we’ve discussed recently: the popularity of biophilia in the office and the growing emphasis on wellbeing and mindfulness. When considering a biophilic design approach, the most important thing to bear in mind is that a great working environment should borrow from the natural environment: think sunlight, colours and shapes that evoke the feeling of being outdoors, raw wood finishes and lots of plants. Likewise, when it comes to mindfulness, the most important thing is that offices should include a variety of quiet, contained spaces for thinking and relaxation.

A serene environment leaves staff feeling more relaxed and calm, which plays a huge role in reducing stress levels and really helps with focus and creativity. In today’s hectic, technology-addicted world, we can all benefit from returning to the peace and quiet of the natural world – and here at Spacestor we’re great believers in bringing some of that pastoral, calming serenity into the office.