What Happens In An Internet Minute and How Is It Changing The Workplace?

The internet has changed our lives forever. The way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves has been completely revolutionised, particularly with the wide-spread uptake and use of smart phones. Modern workplaces constantly have to adopt new technologies and best practices in order to generate the most productivity from their workforce. Whilst this creates a host of challenges for businesses, there are exciting opportunities for forward-thinking employers. How the internet is changing the workplace? If you are yet to be convinced on how much actually happens during an ‘internet minute’, check out this infographic.

Clearly, businesses are benefiting from being online and engaged with their audiences, enjoying thousands of likes, views, link clicks and app downloads. This is great news for any business with mobile applications allowing people to shop, watch and update their profiles on the go. Today mobile technology and consumerisation of information has changed and as a result of this it has fundamentally changed the workspace. This change is something the workplace must learn to adapt to, not attempt to stop. The tech giants of the world are not only leading the way when it comes to the capabilities of the internet but they’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to creating exciting and effective workspaces for their employees. Their challenges are two-fold. They create the perfect environment for creativity and productivity but also attract the best fresh talent in the market. Innovative companies such as Google, Spotifiy, Linkedin and Facebook are using technology to transform the workspace, the relationships within the workspace and how the company operates. Each of these companies has embraced the new habits and expectations of the modern workforce and they have set the bar for providing employees a great working environment. The demise of the static worker Some of the key elements of effective modern workspaces cater for employees wanting to work in numerous locations around the office or ‘campus’. Mobile devices and application-based programmes mean employees can typically work from various locations depending on the environment that most suits the task in hard or their mood. Fewer workers than ever spend the majority of their time at a single desk space. Companies like Google have proven that they are not just a logo. They have researched and adapted their workspaces to create inspiring places with unique furniture allowing them to work flexibly around the office. We’ve helped to create their agile spaces with our products such as the innovative and customisable HotLocker storage solution. The HotLocker is controlled by an app or card creating a cutting edge, secure, efficient storage system for the modern workspace. We also developed our Railway Carriages ; an innovative modular meeting pod. The re-locatable pod is perfect for creative collaboration providing a calm and inspiring environment with additional tech and colour options allowing the company to add a personal touch for their workspace. Our fully customisable Teapoints provide cutting-edge and effective areas for staff to re-energise, maximising their output. We also developed the Snugglestor to combine effective collaboration space and flexible storage solutions. If you’re looking to bring your office space into the internet era and appeal to the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy recruits, these are the products that these thought-leading tech companies are using every day in their workspace. We’d love to help you decide exactly how to make the most of your office space, get the most out of your employees and attract the best talent. Click here to contact us to get in touch.