Watch Episode 22: From Corporate Conformity to Individuality
Watch below as Don Watson, Sonya Simmonds and Laura Guido-Clark discuss 'From Corporate Conformity to Individuality'

On Thursday April 8th we were joined by Don Watson, Oracle, Sonya Simmonds, Spotify, and Laura Guido-Clark, Love Good Color for our 22nd Insights Live session, a panel debate around the shift from corporate conformity to individuality.

Recent months have seen a shift from corporate uniformity to a focus on individuals.  A renewed recognition and respect not only for their unique skills & talents, but for their needs too.  And this is just as relevant in our workplaces – personalization is a great counterpoint to globalization and corporate conformity: human experiences are curated based on needs, cultural differences, personality and style, resulting in greater self-expression for employees and higher engagement with the goals of the organisation. Watch below as we discuss the impact of this movement on workspaces and design with our experts.