c2: concepts
Leading interior design and architecture practice create an impressive workspace of their own to showcase to their clients, reflecting their enthusiastic, collaborative and friendly personality.
Glasgow, UK
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In a recent project, we helped c2:concepts enhance the working area in their Glasgow office, and provide an impressive space to showcase to their clients. c2: are a design consultancy, specializing in creating new working environments for commercial clients looking to rejuvenate their workplaces. They pride themselves on their enthusiastic, collaborative and friendly approach and they wanted this personality to be reflected in their new workspace.

“ It gives a fantastic feel to our office area with an upholstered element in the Snugglestor – every office should have one. ”

We provided our Mediastor product, a unique and customisable storagewall with an integrated screen in the lounge area.  This gives the flexibility for quick meetings and presentations, or just to relax, all supported with the necessary audio-visual hardware, but with a design appeal.

The breakout areas of c2:’s office space were designed to create a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for enhancing creativity and collaboration of the designers. As an employee described “Your media units have helped create a great feel to our breakout and lounge areas. They make you feel like you’re at home but at the same time are extremely practical for office use”.

These creativity boosting features provided the perfect place for workers to wind down in a comfortable environment, reducing stress and epitomizing the ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy.

Central to this new way of working is the Snugglestor. The staff love the informality of this perch, which is inserted into the storage space: “It gives a fantastic feel to our office area with an upholstered element in the Snugglestor – every office should have one.” The enthusiastic reaction of employees demonstrates the correlation between creating a feel-good workspace and attracting and retaining the best talent.

We were glad to work with c2:concepts, extending their brand into the workspace, with a feel-good factor to boost employee engagement and enhance productivity.

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