Confidential Global Technology Client
Defining space for a tech giant's HQ in Chicago
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Delivering technology solutions every day, this global tech organisation is reimagining what businesses can be across the world. With a team spanning over 40 countries, their renowned tagline is reflected masterfully in their newly completed headquarters in Chicago. The company's Gensler designed home houses a multiplicity of spaces including workspaces, specialty labs and hospitality areas.

Through a cutting-edge app developed by the client, users can explore the ‘vertical city’, affording a diverse range of employees’ high accessibility and the ability to intuitively pilot the space in their unique way. From booking zones and prompting access gates to reporting live space occupancy, his technological integration is also beneficial for measuring the functionality and success of the space, paramount to evaluating and determining future real estate strategies for the global organisation.

Contemporary colors and textures are prevalent in the workspace zones, with beautiful woodgrains, polished neutrals and striking black. Grand architectural features vary throughout spaces to evoke interest and experience connected directly to different locations. The central huge stairwell, ribbed black structural pillars and greenhouse-style windows curving up adjacent to breakout spaces; all work to deliver a paragon of intentional design with each feature working hard towards every encounter.

The organization’s signature colors are presented through furniture and wall features, including an expansive mural, championing purple as a backdrop to a brightly colored collaboration area. Sarah Adams, Design Director at Gensler explains, “the glittering spectrum of light the city reflects served as inspiration for the color and finishes throughout the space, with architectural elements and textures seen throughout the vibrant neighbourhoods of Chicago, creating a unique human-centric experience on each floor.”

This spectrums representation takes a futuristic turn in the maker lab space which spans floors 20 to 26. With immersion rooms, labs, production spaces and a broadcast studio, the floors are characterized by exposed ceilings glowing with gradient light, huge touch screens, machinery, and dichroic glass panels. Areas energetically encourage collaboration and innovation with a flexible working environment which allows employees to adapt their surroundings to suit their activities.

Spacestor worked with Interior Investments and Gensler to supply with Palisades II with integrated AV units and storage. With endless possibilities, Palisades II can be customized to align with and complement any design scheme whilst adding value to the space for employees. Allowing for the creation of space without cutting it off, Spacestor also supplied their Palisades Wood, in a beautiful warm oak finish with custom rattan doors to provide an exquisite, softly familiar look.

As an innovation epicentre for the organisation, their beautiful HQ in the heart of Chicago is symbolic of the future of work. A space of storytelling, experience and enchanting ambience, a new workspace model which makes the extraordinary a starting point for building the unsurpassed.