Haines Watts
Transitioning from a traditional accountancy office, Haines Watts have created a modern and fresh vibe for their new agile-based working style
Holborn, London
designed by
Blue Jelly



Since being founded in 1930, top accountants Haines Watts pride themselves on being innovative and progressive in everything they do. Whilst being a national firm, their structure gives them local and regional expertise. For their new Holborn offices, they turned to long-time partner Blue Jelly to continue the development of their workplace strategy, in supporting their growth and financial vision.

Moving from traditional accountancy offices, to a 100% agile workspace required totally different furniture and a new floorplate to support this change in working style. At the centre of this new space, two of our Railway Carriage booths meet the ever-growing need for agile meeting spaces.  Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, these modular and relocatable booths have flexibility built-in. Their exterior walls have been finished in a cork pinboard to create a dual-purpose piece of furniture!

Throughout the space, several runs of our Palisades Wood allows for the simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighborhoods using dividers, not walls, creating a much more flexible solution as they transition into the agile based model. Built on the classic open shelving look, the Palisades Wood provides a warm and biophilic vibe, whilst also providing much needed storage in the base cupboards, and chance for display above on the shelving.

Whilst our storage needs have been changing drastically over the last ten years anyway, the move to an agile-based working model changes the need again. Personal storage on a temporary and flexible basis becomes paramount in supporting the new style of working. Lockers provide a safe, secure, personal space for employees to keep their belongings in. This avoids a build up of clutter in the main workspace which helps to maintain cleaning standards and a tidy workspace. Becoming an extension of the Haines Watts brand, they customized the our HotLocker product in their classic red and white to enhance the overall design scheme.