Informatica's new offices in Texas portray a colourful, collaborative space with a design concept inspired by "the Austin music scene."
Austin, Texas
designed by
Revel Architecture & Design
built by
Novo Construction

Austin, Texas is known as a hotbed of creativity. It’s the home of the South by Southwest music and film festivals, and the setting for Richard Linklater’s generational movie Boyhood, among many other things. So when world leaders in enterprise cloud data management Informatica decided to build a new office there, they chose a design concept of “the Austin music scene”. And the results? A colourful, collaborative space full of textures, design objects and artworks.

Revel Architecture & Design were the designers of this space, working in partnership with Pivot Interiors. Spacestor installed our Railway Carriage meeting pods; upholstered with bright yellow interiors, just like they are in Informatica’s Redwood City headquarters in California. Not only do these Railway Carriages offer a sunny and private space to work, they also provide an architectural feature in the open-plan space; one even has a stylish rack on the exterior for staff to hang their coats on.