Offering a glimpse into the future of place as they applied their insights, expertise and solutions to new ways of working for their own new offices in Bristol, UK
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Global professional services provider, Jacobs has recently opened the doors to their expansive new flexible working hub in Bristol city centre. In their new base at the One Glass Wharf, the office will be home base for in excess of 500 staff. Ever forward-thinking, this is the first of their global locations to open in preparation for "the future of flexible working".  Because Jacobs have always been led by their employee's needs, implementing flexible working schemes to best support this, the physical locations remain an integral part of their strategy into the future, as a place to facilitate and support collaboration and connection.

“ Our Bristol New Ways of Working hub is a physical embodiment of Jacobs’ purpose of Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow. Our goal is to deliver the best in person and virtual experience for connecting our talent in a flexible, sustainable and beautiful solution. Spacestor’s diverse range of products are a significant component of our toolkit to deliver these experiences ”
James Kerrigan, Principal Design & Strategy, Jacobs

The products and technology within the space has been carefully designed to cater for these exact needs. Across the flexible floorplates, staff have a huge choice of space settings and types in which to collaborate with their colleagues. Railway Carriage booths in different sizes and styles throughout the floorplate allow two or four people to informally meet up and easily connect. Not only do these pods create an extension of the design within the workspace, but when requirements change, it can simply be relocated to suit the evolving ways physical spaces will be used. 




More private than the Railway Carriage, our Residence Meet allows two people to still collaborate, but with the ability to close the doors on the pod. This allows potentially disruptive noise, video or phone calls, to be taken out of the open office areas or alternatively means a private or high-focus discussion can be taken away from the distractions of the surroundings. The variety of space settings within the Jacobs hub not only allows people to choose where they want to work based on the task in hand, but also based on their personal preference. From small touchdown perches to larger versions suitable for wheelchair users, Portals provide employees with sufficient privacy and space to complete productive work in a semi enclosed, comfortable environment. 

With a focus on sustainability as well as provide the ultimate employee experience, Jacobs have woven sustainable measures throughout the design. From donating goods, rather than sending to land-fill, making sustainable furniture choices and occupying a building that uses a nearby river for cooling. They are actively demonstrating their commitment to the local community and the environment. Railway Carriage, Residence Max and our Portals products have all been issued a Declare label; a statement of their commitment to making sustainable choices.