Leading Financial Services Client
Westlake, TX
designed by
“ Our vision was to establish a modern workspace that embraces the evolving nature of work by offering flexible and diverse options, setting it apart from traditional office settings.  ”
James Kerrigan, Global Design & Experience Principal at Jacobs

Challenging today, reinventing tomorrow, Jacobs, a leading business and design consultancy firm based out of Dallas have recently completed another space for their long-term financial services client in Westlake, Texas. Establishing a distinctively recognizable portfolio, this workplace is familiar whilst portraying the progression of the client and location-specific uniqueness.

“In a pivotal phase of a comprehensive, multi-year renovation project, we focused on revitalizing two wings, covering 85,000 square feet of the existing campus,” explains James Kerrigan, Jacobs. “Our objective was to employ our specialized knowledge in workplace design to transform a conventional desk-centric environment into a dynamic workspace that accommodates a variety of work styles and preferences.”

The workspace is a flexible masterpiece featuring a multitude of space typologies. The spacious open-plan area features surfaces for small catchups and impromptu meetings, flexible scrum spaces for collaboration, and technological integration to facilitate a distributed workforce and increase equitability. “The design was influenced by key factors such as posture, privacy, and overall user experience,” continues James, explaining that “through close collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders, we harnessed collective insights and expertise to craft a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.”

Spacestor closely collaborated with Jacobs to create a client-led solution enabling a realization of their vision for the workspace. Technical requirements and a concentration on user experience were a paramount consideration when finding a resolution in Portals. This flexible family of individual working spaces were chosen to provide focused spaces for workers, ensuring there is a space suited to perform each task on hand. 

Spacestor Snugglestor, sleekly built into the wall and upholstered in cool blue, provides the basis for comfortable breakout spaces to allow users to work in a relaxed setting or have small meetings. 

To facilitate collaboration and define space in the open-plan area, our Bleachers were selected as a modular system to generate creativity. Easy to modify, the configuration can be adapted by employees to instantly create the desired environment for any interaction.

Cornerstone, long-term solutions for the client were trusted again by Jacobs and their client in the creation of this space, when choosing Spacestor’s Railway Carriage. Customized with light wood and blue upholstery, these classic spaces provide a centre for small group meetings, while also providing a more sustainable solution. Avoiding the need to build permanent meeting rooms, these pods can be moved when space needs change reducing material wastage.

“Since its completion, the feedback from the client’s associates has been overwhelmingly positive. The renovated areas now provide a welcoming, open, and comfortable setting that mirrors the shifting work culture. It aligns the physical environment with contemporary work practices, creating a space that not only supports but also enhances team performance and well-being.”

Flooded with natural light, biophilia and beautiful wood finishes, the space is injected with life and energy whilst providing a healthy office for employees to spend time in. The different space settings include acoustically secluded rooms and soothing colours to provide a choice for workers to control their environment, particularly valuable to ensure the space is inclusive for a diverse workforce.

Photography Credits: Jeff Totoro