Nido Student
Student accommodation providers, Nido Student passionately care about being green and sustainable, so Knotel created the ultimate eco-friendly paradise in London.
London, UK
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Knotel serves the global workspace needs of a huge spectrum of corporations; from rapidly growing start-ups and tech companies, to well-established financial institutions and enterprise brands. Continuing its European expansion, they've been creating a multitude of new London workspaces in areas such as St. Paul's, Soho, Bloomsbury and Mayfair. And one of these, was for student accommodation firm, Nido Student.

At Nido Student, they believe that student accommodation is more than just a room to stay in. It’s a social hub and a place for community. Established in 2007, they're often thought of as the student living pioneers – putting talented students at the heart of everything they do. With contemporary and stylish rooms, their aim is to make the move to student life a smooth one.

With a strong commitment to sustainability and wellbeing, we were pleased to supply our Residence Work and Meet booths as well as our LightUp Task chairs to this environmentally-friendly design. Using custom graphics on the glazing, our Work pod became a 'Solo' and the Meet pod a 'Duo'; the perfect way to customize our products to reflect the brand of the user. These pods provide the necessary solitary space within the buzz of the office, for concentrated work or a private phone call. Finally our task chair, being 95% recyclable, not only supported their eco-conscious focus, but the chair's ergonomic design provides comfort and ensures employee wellbeing.

Providing flexible, tailored workspaces for clients, each Knotel space can be fitted out, designed and styled as the customer desires. Nido passionately cares about being green and sustainable, so Knotel created the ultimate eco-friendly paradise in London. Enabling brands to imprint their own personality and style on their space, their new offices have the look, feel and identity of the true Nido spirit.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that Knotel’s customers have the ability to quickly scale up or down in line with their spacing requirements. Separating functional design from elements of branding and personalisation provides the flexibility needed for organisations to shift real estate footprint to match headcount without significant capital expenditure.