Northamptonshire County Council
Innovatively-led and technologically-bred, an award winning, BREEAM certified office building that supports collaboration and agile working.
designed by
BDP with Consarc Architects


The new Northamptonshire County Council space brought a number of small existing teams, previously working apart, together into one unit enabling swifter and more streamlined collaboration. Formulating the technical, design and spatial matters were Consarc Architects who crafted what is now, a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, design-driven, interior masterpiece. This sensational project was nominated for the BCO awards, whilst winning a regional RIBA and a regional RICS Award. 

Built into their innovative theme is our bright HotLocker Agile, which employs a smartlocking system, enabling employees to utilise their phones to book lockers at a central terminal. Not only is the system flexible, but so is the fully customizable design which enables designers to merge functionality with aesthetic, creating a brand enhancing, experiential environment. 




The monumental atrium and massive ceilings connote an open-minded feel and the mix of breakout, desk, and meeting spaces offers an adaptability - characteristic of employee demand in this return-to-office era. So, for Northampton County Council, it's onwards and upwards with a refreshed outlook on the sphere of workplace design.