Customizing a desk and locker system to fit an exisiting workplace with no compromise on style or stability.
Oxford, UK
designed by
Izit Design
built by
Izit Design

Retrofitting over 200 height and length-adjustable workstations into an existing layout sounds like a tall order, but we love a challenge! Our client came to us with some very specific requirements. They needed to add a number of our adaptable Mono benches and Hot Lockers to fit around obstacles in their existing workspace. No other manufacturer was able to meet these specs. After creating a mock-up for their approval, we got the go-ahead and set to work.

Thanks to the Mono’s length-adjustable frame, we were able to install around pillars within the office at Oxford Policy Management, without compromising on style or stability. The height of the benches can be easily altered to cater for the needs of every user.

Safety on the height-adjustable desks was also an important aspect and Spacestor’s patented detachable safety panel was the perfect solution ensuring fingers or cables are never trapped.

We also installed a wall of our popular HotLocker modular locker system, with playful pops of colour, providing a stylish and practical storage system.

The finished build was complimented for its quality, strength and adaptability. We were able to provide a custom fit without the hassle and expense of custom joinery.

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