SI Games
The Here East, London workplace of SI Games provides an immersive brand experience to retain and attract new talent
Olympic Park, London
designed by
Environments For Business

Sports Interactive is the world's leading developer of sports management simulations. Based in the Stratford area of London, SI has a thriving, diverse and ever-expanding studio, with more than 170 full-time staff and roughly 1,300 part-time researchers across the globe. With a growing team, in three separate locations, SI Games realised that their current workplaces were no longer serving who they were today, and where they wanted to go. SI turned to their partners Environments for Business, to create a workplace that delivered an awesome brand experience for those who worked there, as well as attracting new talent to the business. 

At every turn, the graphics, colours, signage and furniture creates an immersive brand experience and give an insight in the rich history of SI Games. The knowledge workers of today are constantly innovating, and the workspace design around them needs to accommodate their needs by providing stimulating environments that generate creativity. Bleachers are perfect for providing these chance collaborations, bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space. With their great flexibility, employees can instantly create the desired environment for any interaction, making a personal, informal space that will foster a flow of inspiration and new ideas. Drawing on their gaming heritage, our 'Bleachers' have been customized in a black stain finish, with red and yellow seatpads and footplates to echo the colours of Watford FC.





Providing personal storage is also essential to elevating the employee experience, and with this design, they have gone a step further to customize each of the locker doors with football-esque colours and fonts for the locker numbers. Perpetuating this motif further, the centrepiece of the space is the breakout area, which is built to feel exactly like a sports bar, providing the perfect breakout space inside and outside of work hours.