University of Sussex
The new student centre for the University of Sussex reflects a whole new way of learning focussing on wellbeing, sustainability and technology-integration
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For over 60 years the University of Sussex has been providing education that stimulates, excites and challenges those that learn there. From scientific discovery to global policy, from student welfare to career development, they innovate and take a lead. Crucial to providing this outstanding experience, is their expansive facility in East Sussex. Designed by ADP, an employee-owned architect practice founded more than 50 years ago, they have created a stunning space that seamlessly blends natural elements and cutting-edge technology.

Right from the outset, this new space provides a serene, biophilic feel yet this is flawlessly blended with integrated technology at every point. LED display screens can be used to welcome or display information, meeting rooms are enhanced with full AV and connectivity and students have their own personal smart locker. Working with Wagstaff furniture providers, our HotLocker system provides tech-enabled personal storage spaces. Allocated on an individual basis, students can assign themselves a locker for a day using their phone or the central self-service terminal, and then release the locker for others to use once they have reclaimed their items.  

Not only do tech-enabled lockers provide a seamless experience for the students, but for the facilities team at the University of Sussex it ensures much easier management of the lockers, without the need for keys, as well as providing a detail-rich audit trail of where and when the various lockers are being used. Sustainability also played a key role throughout the creation of the University. The Fulton Building is naturally ventilated, with a concrete frame that acts as a heat sink, helping to regulate the inside temperatures.