Tangle Teezer
Making a statement with a unique and creative storage system for an innovative company, Tangle Teezer, a leading manufacturer of hairbrushes.
London, UK
designed by
Oaktree Interiors
built by
Oaktree Interiors

A colouful bank of modular HotLockers on a background of modern white gloss with customised numbered doors.

“ The lockers looked fantastic! I am always impressed by Spacestor installations. ”
Oaktree Interiors

An innovative storage solution for an innovative company was needed, and we certainly delivered! The end-client, Tangle Teezer, is a leading manufacturer of hairbrushes who wanted a unique and creative storage system. Working in co-ordination with Oaktree Interiors, we supplied an incredibly colourful bank of our modular HotLockers. On a background of modern white gloss, we customised the doors with numbers and bright bursts of colour. The final result was an eye-catching locker system that made a bold statement and fitted in perfectly with their quirky office design. We also supplied a number of white Storage walls, which we fitted into some tight spaces – including some curved walls! From rainbow-esque to minimalist white, this project covered both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. Want to find out more? We’d love to get in touch – click here to contact us!