A strong brand story for the new flexible workplace of cybersecurity firm Tenable, centered around a hexagonal design and the creation of multiple neighbourhoods
Heathrow, UK
designed by
Blue Jelly


Tenable is a world-leading cybersecurity firm. They understand that cybersecurity is one of the existential threats of our time and their goal is to arm every organization with the visibility and insight to protect themselves at all times. With a growing and successful team, Tenable needed to relocate their main UK office to support their current and future growth plants. This new location provides the perfect home for the talented Tenable employees as well as giving them full flexibility for their future needs.

Centred around a hexagonal core, the design aims to create multiple neighbourhoods to promote the new ways of working, focussing on agility and creativity. The Tenable brand has a strong presence throughout the space, with large scale graphics, core values, and bold use of brand colours, providing both permanent and nomadic staff with a sense of belonging to the organisation and the culture. With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout much of the building, the space is flooded with natural light. Blue Jelly took full advantage of this with smart placement of desks to enhance employee wellbeing.

We worked with office design and fitout experts, Blue Jelly, to provide our Palisades Grid, Palisades II, Forte and Storagewall to the project. Our Palisades Grid and II zone dividers help create the multi-functional environments that are so key to the design, to provide the right mix of private and shared space. The Palisades ensure that natural light can still filter through whilst providing an acoustic and visual barrier. Customized to suit the Tenable brand, they have accessorised the configurations with blue acoustic panels, lockers, shelving and plants!

The need for storage within a landscape is constantly changing and being reconfigured, from drawers, to file storage, to coats racks to lockers! Our Forte Storage units and full-height Storagewall provide the space with efficient and flexible storage. Placed at the end of the runs of desking, the Forte units provide easy to access and on brand storage. With a seamless, built-in look, the Storagewall units are spread throughout the space providing the all-important smart and secure storage that each organisation needs. It’s a system for life that can be continually upgraded as their workspace changes so it’s sustainable and highly space-efficient using the full height of the space.