Inclusive design starts at the concept of the space, follows through, and realizes results. If you’re looking to build a truly inclusive space, measures taken cannot be just an add-on, but must be inextricably woven into the culture of your workplace.

You’re passionate about including all your people through design, feel the necessity of universal accessibility, but are unsure of how to go about creating a space which achieves this. This page is for you!


Arcadia, with 5 simple shapes and endless configurations, is a tool kit for designers which enables the creation spaces which are unique yet classic. Arcadia gives autonomy to it's designers and therefore is accessible for all and can be designed to cater for every need. Besides the fundamental features of no threshold and customisable entry points, Arcadia also has the possiblility to create shielded break-away spaces, ensure clear wayfinding landmarks and enable a gradual navigation into a space. The needs of your employees may be diverse, however when engaging with their requirements and actively endeavouring to provide for their needs, Arcadia is a companion meaning the needed types of spaces can be created for everyone. 


Sustainable, flexible and supportive of the community, Verandas is the ultimate meeting room with huge design choice without the need of building walls. The highly customizable nature of Verandas means that they can be designed to be accessible both inside and out. Features such as a large handle which is easy to turn and a level threshold eliminating any step up, with Verandas the little details contribute towards a big impact. 

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Railway Carriage


The Railway Carriage is a collaborative booth which can enable wheelchair users to network with their teams on an equal level. Extending the table or clad beyond the end of the table and seats means anyone using a wheelchair or alternative seating can be included.


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