Barcode Warehouse
Creating a Home Away from Home
Newark, UK
designed by
Rhino Interiors Group


“ It feels like a work, home away from home. It really makes us want to get back in and be around again! ”
Emma, Barcode Warehouse

Since the brand was started in 1999, Barcode Warehouse has been consistently providing RFID, labelling and barcode technology solutions with exceptional customer service. It was their unparalleled passion for customers and employees that inspired them partner with Rhino Interiors Group to create their new Innovation and Customer Experience Centre in Newark. The agile working environment incorporates opportunities for collaboration as well as desking, pods, and acoustic meeting spaces. A state-of-the-art reflection of their corporate colors and a brand extension which establishes Barcode Warehouse as a front-runner and talent-attractor.

25,000sq ft of tired office space needed to be transformed to align with the company’s ideal around the creation of an immersive and experience-led environment. A project which spanned only 7 weeks realized this objective, and the result, an inspirational space enhanced by crafted architectural features and the free entry of natural light.

High ceilings and skylights set the scene for the location, the reception being light and airy with a stately and innovative twist. Sloping windows and indoor gardens inspire interest and provide a mindful aspect promoting well-being and self-care.

Further inside the space the aesthetic is playful with light woods and blues paired with the bright orange, synonymous with the Barcode Warehouse brand. 2-person Railway Carriages in the same vivid hue provide drop in areas for catch ups and quick alignment meetings.

Networking zones with a roof of warm overhead lighting and greenery maintain the soft feel and encourage creativity in a non-commercial setting. A neutral palette was chosen by Rhino to create a backdrop which would highlight technology and allow it to speak for itself. Soft vibes initiated by natural materials, with wood grains and black accents are a cohesive response to the demand of a home away from home.