You know employees need their own personal storage space, you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand.

You’re also looking for a greener option, striving to take the most sustainable path. Read below to see how your personal storage solution can fit into these larger goals and ideals.

Through innovative research and development, we engineer sustainable solutions through clean and harmless processes, seeking to consistently support and strengthen the global community, helping to inspire wellbeing and create a unique, unforgettable workspace experience.

Like our supply chain partners, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously; progressively studying and addressing factors such as waste management, the provenance of our timber and reducing the overall carbon footprint of our business. Minimising our environmental impact is a key consideration at every step of the way. 

HotLocker Sustainability




The flexible and customizable nature of the HotLocker means it will be designed to function in many different settings, reducing wastage and providing a long-term solution. Banks can be moved, separated, reconfigured, and integrated within or around other furniture.

Declare Label

Our HotLocker achieved a Declare Label and is LBC Red List approved. This means that the materials and processes used to make the product are responsibly sourced and are made up of an extremely small level of harmful substances. The HotLocker is also 96.5% recyclable.


The reliable quality of our HotLocker ensures maximum longevity and minimum waste. A product that will last and that is flexible enough to adapt to the continually changing landscape of workplace design.

Net Zero by 2040

As a global company, our impact on the environment is significant, and we have always sought to ensure we're taking the best steps towards a sustainable future. Over the years Spacestor have brought out Environmental Management Certification, FSC Certification, installed biomass boilers, and were issued multiple Declare Labels. Now, we are taking an industry-first, ground-breaking step and have made a pledge to be Net Zero by 2040.

Our Commitment

Declare Labels

As part of our commitment to the environment and sustainable design, we're very pleased to announce another important step in our journey. Six of our key products, Palisades GridVerandasRailway CarriageResidence ConnectResidence Max and HotLocker, now have Declare labels!



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