Highly adaptable and modular
an easily reconfigured space-dividing storage system
Open plan areas need careful, detailed space planning to be adaptable and flexible to all working styles. Zoning is a popular solution, for example, more open areas of the office become collaborative zones, while more enclosed, sound-proof areas become private meeting spaces. Combined with this is the need for storage within a landscape that is constantly changing and being reconfigured. As a solid, space-dividing solution, our storagewall is a highly adaptable, modular system which can be easily reconfigured to suit the confines of any space. Not only is the storagewall relocatable, but the interchangeable modules it’s built of make it suited to the functionality of any space. For example, with the growing shift towards personal storage, a standard shelving module could be replaced in time with a locker module. It’s a system for life that can be continually upgraded as the workspace changes so it’s sustainable and highly space-efficient using the full height of the space. Proudly made in the USA, and available in many finishes, it blends in with the design scheme of any interior.

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Recycle & Printer Point

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A designer upholstered alcove

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